Hearing clinics + EU grants

To join this tribe invited are: financial investors and people from the industry with know-how contribution (non-financial).

  • Tribe ID
  • PL000014

Improving the quality of treatment related to hearing.

The aim of the project is to acquire several hearing clinics and obtain EU funds for the development of new technology.

01 > Two types of investors:

  • financial investors
  • brains

The goal is to collect 5'000'000 EUR and a 2-5 key people with extensive branch knowledge.

02 > More details

Due to secrecy, details will be presented at the meeting.

Tribe Info

  • Participants : 5 to 10
  • Location : Poland
  • Type : shares in LTD
  • Required : EU citizenship
  • Status : open

Take action:

Call: +48 795 170 375


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